Stepping into the future

What a year we have had!  Stepping into the future, it’s looking pretty hectic for 2015 in a good way too.

Our new 125ml pressure reactor PressureSyn has been our most talked about product yet. But I guess we should have expected nothing less with it being conceived and developed by the department of Chemistry at Nottingham, and then of course going on to win the Lab Innovations Lions Lair award for most innovative laboratory product 2014.

We have seen some significant interest or our own manufactured products internationally this year and as part of our growth outside of the UK we have appointed some special new distributors in the USA, Denmark and India. Our biggest international market is now China so are very thankful to our distributor there for their continued efforts over the years. I was only just with them last month and we visited 5 cities in just 6 days; they really work very hard which is impressive – exhausting but very rewarding!

Much more of my time this year has been used in developing new products and also bringing in new complimentary product lines to our portfolio. Many of these products are still yet to get to market with further prototyping and customer evaluations to be made but keep an eye on our website and monthly Chemistry Update and you should be among the first to know.

What do we have planned? Well there should be more in the way of pressure reactors, some unique additions to the ReactoMate CLRs, new evaporators, new Asynt containment enclosures, low cost water saving devices and a very big potential product launch in the late spring/summer which may surprise you!
At Asynt these ideas generally originate from a customer conversation and need, and often a custom project where we have fabricated instruments for a specific purpose.  These can then make it as a general sale product too. If you would like to help us or have a special need then let us know.

I recently visited the facilities of Asahi Glassplant in Japan and as a glassblower myself I was most impressed with their facilities and even more impressed by the skills of their glassblowers; watching them work was really quite something. In light of their shear quality and the unique performance features of their products particularly their reaction vessels Asynt will soon be offering their products alongside our ReactoMate CLR units which will enable us to offer a much wider range of reaction systems than previously possible.

Martyn Fordham at Agi glass blowing in Japan

SUNSET OVER MT FUJI AND TOKYO By Martyn Fordham for blogFinally I would very much like to thank all of our customers for their continued trust in Asynt, its staff and our products and wish you all a positive and successful 2015.

Martyn Fordham, Managing Director