The NEW Spooktakular DrySin!

We are proud to show off the latest “DrySin model for you – “the Classick“:  ideal for 1L flasks, for single sin-thesis. Have you got a similar model in your lab? Tweet us @Asynt and share your photos!

For more regular DrySyn that won’t be helpful for a hearty pie later on, but will provide the perfect tool for safe, clean, synthesis just take a look over HERE on our website for the complete range (perfect for single or parallel synthesis!).

Spooktakular Sin-thesis Halloween chemistry 2018

We’ll be looking out for your spooktacular tweets and instagram posts to share so feel free to tag us!  These are some golden oldies we found though – click through for the videos!

Asynt Halloween Tweet

Asynt Halloween 2018

The lovely Kerry has been setting the spiders loose, and torturing tablecloths whilst exhibiting too!  Have you been decorating your lab (in a completely responsible and safe fashion, obviously)? :)