The Schlenk Line Survival Guide

Asynt’s Dr Kerry Elgie confirms that there is a NEW updated Schlenk Line Survival Guide!

Described as “Illustrative Guides to help you master air and moisture-sensitive chemistry”, it looks incredibly useful!

Schlenk Survival Guide

“The Schlenk Line Survival Guide is created by Dr. Andryj Borys, a main-group chemist, phosphorus fanatic and Schlenk line enthusiast.

The guide begun as a notebook back when Andryj first started using a Schlenk line back in 2015, and detailed all of the techniques encountered during his Ph.D. with easy to follow step-by-step guides, tips and unnecessarily shaded diagrams.

Andryj Borys

The notebook proved to be helpful to many other chemists learning to use a Schlenk line, encouraging Andryj to make the resources available online for others to use. He begun making illustrations as a way to pass the time on long train journeys and slowly (2 years!) but steadily added more techniques to his collection.”

Schlenk Line Survival Guide

With loads of useful information, Andryj (and supporting associates!) have designed the website to offer clear and concise support.  There are loads of helpful images which give great clarity to the text too!

If you would like to discuss our range of custom Schlenk lines available you can see these here online:

Any questions, please get in touch with our chemists via email at [email protected]!