(Showing the trailor by Vittorio Saggiomo for #RealTimeChem 2013)

The #RealTimeChem project is a twitter based idea now managed by @doctor_galactic (who by day is a publishing editor for RSC) who runs a blog over at http://doctorgalacticandthelabcoatcowboy.com that is devoted to chemists anywhere in the world sharing the chemistry that they’re working on no matter what their sector (teaching/industrial/research/etc) so that a real time community is formed.  As with any community based project, you only get out of it what you put in to it, but with almost 10,000 tweets featuring this hashtag by April 2014 it seems to have the support of chemists online.  If you want to find out what others are doing then search for the #RealTimeChem hash tag and follow @RealTimeChem where this innovator retweets as much of the best chemistry he can find each day – who knows what the chemists of the world might be doing today?

Starting on Monday 23rd June, there is a week long #RealTimeChem special “session” to raise awareness of the project and we would be so interested to see what our customers are doing with the wide range of equipment we supply, and to such diverse areas.  Fill your news feed with chemistry and see what happens!