The real Louisa Fordham

Louisa FordhamLouisa is a stylish lady, and you can guarantee that with her vivid red hair and eye for the right dress she’ll make a fantastic first impression.  Her attention to detail is of course a big personality trait that’s carried through to her work as Asynts Finance Director luckily for the rest of us.  You’ll quickly realise when talking with her that she’s not just a pretty face!

What you might not realise right away, though, is that Louisa is just as happy in sloppy gear, covered in mud and the wind burning her cheeks just as so long as there are horses involved!  A keen horse rider for many years, Louisa spends most Saturday mornings cantering but there is generally a meeting with friends or her sister at a local watering hole to discuss the lessons in detail afterwards… I’m lead to understand that this is an essential part of the training!

As you might have seen in previous profiles, we seem to spend a lot of time in the Asynt office singing and Louisa is always ready to join in. On occassion the odd boogie around the office may also occur (for Health and Safety purposes you understand, when you must move around at least once an hour!). Discovering the functionality on her new iPhone today where the music playing on the radio can be identified by just shouting at it was a big moment though as we never seem to know who’s doing the “real” singing…

Although absolutely devoted to Asynt and the companies world domination, Louisa is also a mum through and through. The boys (one already at an age where communication is mostly achieved by grunting, and one a little younger) are also relative siblings to fur-babies Petal (Springer Spaniel) and Sasha (cat – who picks on Petal and likes to make sure everyone knows that she’s actually the one in charge…).
Family time is frequently spent in the great outdoors, followed by sausages and mash for dinner!  Or chocolate – quite a lot of chocolate!