What lurks in the heart of an Operations Manager

We all have our business heads on most of the time, but don’t you find that whenever you read a company profile of a management team anywhere, you always wonder what the real person is like? We decided that we would share a little of the “real” with you for each member of our management team, but as it was my idea, and I will write them, it seemed only fair that I do my own first…

Kirsty WaightI’ve been in office administration since I was 20 (I’m 38 now – everyone act shocked, please!) and am a teeny bit of a control freak (read: TOTAL control freak) in my working life but outside of that I’m actually incredibly laid back (No one is to check that with my husband though!) with a passion for really loud music, classic cars, motorbikes, boats and cooking/baking. I also spend a lot of time working on textile sculptures, making vintage-esque jewellery, and doing original art works that my own little fan base adopt from all over the world.  Genetically, I’m considered a mutant by those closest to me as I can have full anaphylaxis without any external prompts at all (it’s quite entertaining to watch how nervous that makes anyone who is supposed to spend the day with me!) but my mum just calls me “special”. Thanks mum…

I tend not to sweat the small stuff in general and that probably has an awful lot to do with where I live. Something like eight years ago my husband ambled into our flat one day and said “I’m going to buy a boat” and I said “ok”.

Narrowboat ZuluWe found a twenty five year old narrowboat that smelt disgusting and was utterly revolting inside and gutted it so we could rebuild from the steel out. We lived on that boat for six months before commissioning the hull of a whopping great widebeam narrowboat that we fit out entirely ourselves whilst working full time.

We still live on her now (with a nine stone German Shepherd who accidentally answers to “Poopy”, and two cats), and are slowly building up our fleet of vehicles, including my Classic VW Beetle, my husbands Classic VW Westfalia campervan, old Harley Davidson, old Guzzi, new-ish GS, Triumph Explorer and there’s a Norton on the way. We do have sensible cars to go to work in on rainy days though!.  Being stressed when you live on holiday and play with awesome old stuff is just really hard work, so I don’t bother.

Classic VW Beetle

German Shepherd called Joseph or Poopy

NB. The control freak just nudged me internally and asked if you can please remember to put your quotation references on your purchase order though! lol! Thank you!


Kirsty Waight
Operations Manager