The REAL Dr Kerry Elgie

When I started writing this profile I tried to think back and remember my first impression of Dr Kerry Elgie and I came up totally blank! Whatever it was I thought at the time has definitely been over taken by the Kerry from here and now!

Always immaculately dressed with beautifully manicured nails and fluttering long eyelashes, the ladies in the office have to up their game for visits or we feel downright scruffy. She proves that Chemists can go glamorous and you’ll only see her in tracksuit trousers if she’s doing her thing at Zumba (jumping up and down frantically to loud music for exercise for those not in the know) or going for a run. I still can’t imagine her doing either of those things or getting even slightly messy, but I have it on good authority that she does in fact work up a glow this way regularly!

A truly dedicated International Sales Manager, Kerry doesn’t sit still for long even at work. She travels extensively to see her customers all over the world and is always answering emails no matter what the hour. We keep trying to convince her that she’d find her customer visits far easier in a nice comfy estate car but she’s not so keen. Playing “sales rep Tetris” trying to fit all her demo kit in the back of a Seat Leon FR is always good for a laugh though. I think she could give lessons as she has it down to a fine art! Either that or she’s secretly Mary Poppins (Ref: old Disney movie with a children’s nanny who packs tall lamps, large items of furniture and other trivia into a regular sized bag with surprising ease).

Mary Poppins carpet bagIt’s just as well she’s got a wicked sense of humour to keep her going on those fourteen hour days but those of us who are lucky enough to count her as a friend know to open pictorial attachments to emails, or to check her Facebook news feed, with a slightly hesitant glance to start with. There could be just random photos from meetings in lay bys on the motorway to swap demo kit with colleagues, various dodgy musical selections from her teens, reports of coming to the aid of elderly strangers who’s false teeth have rolled under their car, or worse. It’s like she’s daring you to look!

I’m fairly certain that the only things that can really distract her from her customers (other than the afore-mentioned hobbies) are a certain gentleman (who shall remain nameless, in case he doesn’t fancy this particular 15 minutes of fame), flash cars, or cats. Or Peter Andre. Or cats. Mostly cats, though, to be honest. I think there’s a good chance that she only goes running so she can stop and fuss other people’s cats on the way through her neighbourhood…

Dr Kerry ElgieThere is one other person who features particularly highly in the cat-competition-stakes though, and that is a very small lady who isn’t fussed about the whole Chemistry thing at all. She knows this lovely Doctor with the contagious giggle as “Auntie Kerry” and is probably right up there as the world’s most loved and adored niece ever. Family values, a huge heart, and a hint of deviousness sum our very own Kerry up nicely I think!