Who needs Harry Potter when you’ve got chemists?

who needs Harry Potter when you've got chemists?The Harry Potter phenomenon (by author J.K.Rowling) with tales of teenage witches and wizards gives us all a glimpse of a dreamy way of living if you ignore the obligatory villain and focus on the “bippity boppity boo” or “alakazam” where you wiggle your wand and stuff just happens!

Point your wand, say a few words and BOOM, a person is healed.  Wiggle your wand, say some more words, and BOOM, a person has food and water.  Who doesn’t wish that we could really do that?

Take cancer away with a heartfelt wish and some magic words.

Spread some sparkle and treat chronic conditions without a lifetime of drugs.

Heal the earth, bring back the trees, and plug the hole in the ozone? Just pass me my wand, will you?

chemistry magicBUT… here at Asynt we’re proud to do all we can to help the virtual witches and wizards among us; the chemists and other scientists, who perform the real magic.  It never ceases to amaze me, as someone who suffers with some serious chronic conditions, what a difference chemistry can make.  I’ve recently been participating in a 6 month drug trial from large pharma, Novartis, with an anti ige treatment that aims to stop my immune system from throwing me into life threatening situations on a regular basis.  I wish I could shake the hand of the chemist that formulated the drug!  I look at the tools we advise our customers on; the pumps, the chillers, the rotary evaporators, the DrySyn used for synthesis, and wonder if just one of these things I’m processing orders for will help save my life one day.

Just in case though, you can always make your own wand with this cute tutorial I found online at Nerdtrek.com.  It’s quite old and a little quirky but looks like fun for the holidays!  CLICK HERE (this is an external site)

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