Guy Martin – Custom Engineered Solutions

If you’re not familiar with Guy Martin, the motorbike racer and lorry mechanic, then you might like to consider him a modern day Fred Dibnah. With an enquiring mind, a very down to earth outlook, and a fierce drive to get answers to his questions and achieve the best possible results he’s recently worked on a series for the BBC called “Speed” where there were many examples of how to achieve the results he needed,  a custom engineered solution was the only way.

In this featured YouTube video, Guy worked closely with teachers and students at the University of Southampton to engineer an amazingly fast human powered aircraft.

This is an ideal that is essential to how we at Asynt think; the outcome of the chemistry is all important, but often we need to think outside of the box and engineer a unique support system/reactor/heating block in order to achieve the perfect chemistry. 

A great example of this is a unique rig engineered for the University of Bath recently.  This was made in order to perform flow crystallisation experiments on large scales, involving intricate design of tubing pathway from feed vessels through a peristaltic pump and onto the heated reaction vessels. The manufacture of this custom-built rig allowed fully vertical positioning of all components, whilst the tubing distances were minimised in one simple bench top setup. This therefore allowed the rig to perform the crystallisations in a safe, simple and effective manner for Dr Karen Robertson and Professor Chick Wilson who we worked with closely on this design.

Custom Engineered Bench for University of Bath
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