A friendly face in your country – and coffee!

At Asynt we are very lucky to have a cool team of international distributors for DrySyn, ReactoMate and PressureSyn spread all over the world. This year we are continuing our expansion of distribution partners with more announcements to be made very soon.  Our current distributors can be found here.

We received some very special gifts at the end of 2014, tea from China, tea chocolate sweets from Japan… Our Singapore DrySyn distributor APP Systems sent to us one of those interesting stove top coffee makers, so it was time to test it out today but we have no stove in the office…!  A big thank you to all distributors for their support and the kind gifts to us.

Coffee on a hotplate stirrer

Coffee Pot

So I grabbed a new clean Asynt Hotplate Stirrer, set it to 200C and placed the coffee maker on top.  Perfection, within 5 minutes I had coffee ready to drink.  I may be no Heston but this gave me the idea that maybe we can do more with some of the equipment we have in terms of beverages and food!  So watch this space, or indeed my future blogs!

Coffee being poured

Coffee being poured

Disclaimer – I used a clean hotplate stirrer in a clean non-lab environment.  Please do not make coffee in a laboratory or on a hoptplate that could be contaminated.