You can take the chemist out of the lab but…

I am sure that all of the chemists out there are eagerly waiting to get back into the lab as soon as it is safe to do so.

As someone who left the bench around two years ago, I often find myself dreaming of setting up reactions and running columns (ok, maybe not running columns) from time to time, especially with all of the neat kit that Asynt keeps developing.

Recently, I saw a YouTube video about making coffee in a ‘Siphon Coffee Pot’, which looked exactly like a scene from a chemistry lab. A siphon coffee pot is essentially a large round-bottomed flask with a filter funnel attached. The filter funnel has a frit that allows you to add coffee grounds to the funnel without them falling into the flask. If you add water to the round-bottomed flask and heat it, the resulting change in pressure forces water up into the filter, where it will remain if the flask remains heated. You can then brew coffee in the filter, remove the flask from the heat and watch as your perfectly brewed coffee filters back down into the flask.

Making coffee with a siphon - Mike Kenny

Hopefully, you will like my take on the siphon coffee method, where I found a neat way to optimise temperature control of the coffee…Take a look at the video below!

Have you resorted to carrying out “lab work” on your cooker?  Let us know what you’ve been up to during lockdown!


Dr Mike Kenny
UK Technical Sales Specialist
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