Behind the scenes – meet Pearl!

Having been with Asynt for just over a year now, we asked Pearl Fay (Sales Administrator) her thoughts about the company!

Pearl Fay

  • What made you want to join the team at Asynt?

    Everything about the role was new to me and I felt it would be a great challenge – I’d never worked in the chemistry field before and it sounded fascinating!

  • What surprised you the most once you got here?

    How much everyone eats!!  Particularly how much cake and chocolate are consumed in the office!

  • What’s your favourite food then?

    I really love fresh sea food – it’s the best!  I do treat myself to a good coffee with some high quality chocolate (or cake) occasionally but only when I’ve earned it on a decent bike ride!

  • Is your daily routine in the office straight forward?

    What routine?  With orders and enquiries quite literally coming in from all over the world, I quickly realised that not only do we work to our own schedule in the admin team but that GMT doesn’t mean a whole lot! It’s one of the things I really enjoy about my role.

  • What’s your favourite Asynt product and why?

    It would have to be the DrySyn OCTO Reaction Station – this was one of the first products I got to grips with after my induction and I spent quite a while familiarising myself with the system, and all the possible options there are for different kits to suit everyone’s needs.

  • What does your family make of your role and your part in the Asynt team?

    I know my kids (my son works in International Development and my daughter is well on her way to becoming a Chartered Accountant) are really proud of me and how much I’ve learned since joining Asynt.  My daughter lives at home still whilst studying and we share food prep chores as we both eat a pretty healthy diet (most of the time), and she double-checks my lunches to make sure that there’s no Asynt “kryptonite” present as we deal with some unusual allergies in the office!

  • What’s your favourite way of unwinding after a busy day at work?

    The best way has to be to go for a cycle, a swim, or a run!  The rest of the admin team are always a bit shocked at the distances I do and we have a giggle about hiring me out as a personal trainer but I was building up to compete in a standard distance triathlon so needed to do more than a jog around the block!  Unfortunately I managed to break my wrist in a cycling accident and during recovery from that I got a knee injury so changed my focus to conquering my fear of open water swimming, which has been a great personal achievement!  I’m also not adverse to a night out with friends to see a band, and a nice meal with couple of glasses of wine though!

  • What do you see in the future for Asynt?

    This year has been really exciting in terms of new products we’ve developed and launched, and how far our network has expanded but we have some amazing new tools in the pipeline and I can’t wait to see what happens with them!

Pearl Fay