ReactoMate Pot Vessel & Heating Block

Dr Ffion Abraham & Dr Arran Solomonsz worked to meet the requirements of the Department of Engineering at Imperial College, London, and supply a ReactoMate system with Datum support stand and custom-made glass pot vessel and DrySyn heating block system.

Custom reactors

The vessel was designed to also include a custom-made glass lid with specific ports to  accommodate to accommodate the ParticleTrack™ and ParticleView™ probe technology from METTLER TOLEDO, PTFE stirring shaft and CondenSyn waterless condenser.

Unlike with a lot of laboratory reactors, the use of an oil heating jacket was unsuitable for this project and so heating was provided via an Asynt complete hotplate stirrer kit and custom DrySyn aluminium heating block.  The DrySyn block includes a temperature probe hole to allow for accurate temperature control, and the addition of an Asynt lab-jack provides a safe, simple and efficient method to remove the heat source from the reaction vessel when required.