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flexible electrochemistry platform - ElectroReact - now available worldwide from Asynt, lab equipment specialists

Asynt launch flexible electrochemistry platform

…performs brilliantly. It allows parallel electrochemical reactions in 20 mL vials, heated up to 100 ◦C without the need for expensive accessories, and works with common tools you’re likely to have in…


Asynt CondenSyn waterless air condenser for chemistry laboratory

The Magic of CondenSyn®: Lauren Turner, University of Hull

…ou tried one in your lab yet? And did you know you can also run them in parallel? Find out more on our website HERE….


Parallel Synthesis Blog

Winter process chemistry conference

…h money and water and making their laboratory a less hazardous environment, single and parallel high pressure reactors and ReactoMate controlled lab reactors.  …


Donal O'Sullivan - Lab Unlimited.

Donal O’Sullivan, Director of Sales

…e excited to be working with Asynt and their innovative team to facilitate safety and environmental responsibility in Chemical Synthesis from bench to pilot scale. Further developments in Flow, Photo a…


Synthesis of squaric acid monoamides as building blocks for drug discovery

…se they are leading suppliers of parallel synthesis equipment and chemical building blocks respectively. The Asynt equipment was user-friendly and helped enable us to maximise our output, while our two…


Parallel high pressure reactor optimised for sampling

…oducible kinetics experiments in parallel to rapidly determine the kinetic parameters of their catalysts. Their goal was to be able to conduct many hydrogenation reactions at once, with rigorous contro…


Commercialise Your Ideas

…harmaceutical companies to allow parallel high pressure reaction screening. DrySyn OCTO: 8 position parallel reflux system. Developed in conjunction with Sygnature Discovery to enable reaction screenin…



…em Custom PTFE Reactor Multicell Parallel High-Pressure Reactor Parallel high pressure reactor optimised for sampling ReactoMate ATOM Support Stand ReactoMate Baffle Systems ReactoMate DATUM specified…


Multicell Parallel High-Pressure Reactor

…y custom options These multicell parallel reactors can also be made to much larger scales, with a fully customised build to suit your individual needs. The University of Bath had a special high tempera…


High Temperature DrySyn MULTI Adapter

…high temperature adapter”; designed to centrally secure a standard DrySyn MULTI-M (up to 3 x 250ml round bottom flasks in parallel) when using the popular IKA HS7 is particularly useful when positioni…