Asynt offer a range of air displacement piston-operated pipettes from IKA.  Choose the perfect model from the PETTE fix and vario portfolio of 18 different models.

Each pipette comes with three handles in different sizes and material so you can easily colour-code your work, and with their slick ergonomic design precise liquid handling is guaranteed.

With so many options available we’ve featured just a selection here to give you an idea of what’s possible so speak with our experts today to secure pricing on the perfect pipette for your chemistry.

  • IKA PETTE MicroKits - Kit A

    IKA PETTE MicroKits

    High quality and useful packages

  • IKA Pette Vario pipette

    IKA Pette vario 0.1-2 µl Pipette

    Ergonomic feel with precise performance

  • IKA Pette Vario 0.5-10 pipette

    IKA Pette vario 0.5-10 µl Pipette

    Fully autoclavable