Vacuubrand MZ 1C Vario pump

The Vacuubrand MZ 1C Vario pump is an excellent solution for continuous, oil-free pumping of corrosive gases and vapours. This has a medium pumping speed and low ultimate vacuum.

All major parts in contact with pumped media are made of chemically resistant fluoroplastics.

With well-proven PTFE sandwich diaphragms for increased reliability and extended operating life.

Vacuum controller CVC3000

Max pumping speed: m3/h  1.0

Max pumping speed: cfm  0.6

Ultimate vacuum (abs):  mbar/torr 12 / 9

Ultimate vacuum (abs) with gas ballast: mbar/torr 20 / 15

Max back pressure (EX) (abs): 1.1 bar

Weight: approx 4.8kg

Noise level at 50 Hz, typ.: dBA 40

CE mark: Yes


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