Vacuubrand MD 1C Vario pump

The Vacuubrand MD 1C Vario pump is ideal for vacuum applications with high boiling solvents.

The vacuum control to better than 5 mbar prevents superheating and foaming and therefore ensures a constantly high process safety. The control enables automatic detection of vapour pressure and automatic adjustment of the vacuum level to the process requirements.

Available with a cold trap condenser system for dry ice, designed by the Asynt chemists in addition to a water cooled condenser for this pump with small built in reservoir.

We also offer an adaptor kit to allow the use of the CondenSyn® waterless air condenser with this pump.

  • High end results with all makes of rotary evaporator
  • Better than 5 mbar control
  • Simple One-touch vacuum control throughout the whole process, even for solvent mixtures
  • Suitable for high boiling point solvents
  • Oil-free diaphragm pump with outstanding chemical resistance
  • Ultra low vibration and whisper quiet operation
  • Available with extended warranty (please ask for more information)

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Developed in collaboration with our clients / Bespoke design service

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Martyn Fordham, MD

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