VACUU-LAN Mini-Network

Asynt is pleased to introduce the VACUU·LAN Mini-Network from Vacuubrand.

This space saving VACUU·LAN® network assembly has three VACUU·LAN® valve modules pre-plumbed on a channel that can be attached to a wall or lab frame.

The Mini-Network tubing is to be connected to a new VACUUBRAND diaphragm vacuum pump, or an oil-free vacuum pump that you already own, with vacuum tubing, and your one pump now supports three applications.

Each VACUU·LAN® Mini-Network includes three manual flow control valves for continuously variable pumping speed adjustment. Ball Valve control and electronically controlled ports are optionally available. Each port is check-valve controlled to minimize interference among applications.

  • three VACUU·LAN® ports in a snap
  • space saving assembly for the attachment to the wall or your lab frame
  • connect the vacuum pump with vacuum tubing and you are ready to go!
  • easy to upgrade to other manual or electronic VACUU·LAN® ports at any time
  • higher flow-rate pumps can support two VACUU·LAN® Mini-Networks at once

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Martyn Fordham, MD

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