Climatically controlled enclosure

ClimateZone Containment Cabinets (or “glove boxes”) provide a safe climatically controlled temperature and humidity environment for pharmaceutical drug sample testing.

The ClimateZone mobile environment is ideal for pharmaceutical testing applications such as MDI and DOI impactor testing for inhalable drugs where guaranteed climatic environments are required.


1. Stainless steel skeletal frame
2. Removeable clear acrylic panels
3. Black phenolic resin base
4. Stainless steel mobile bench


1. 1500mm x 700mm x 1850mm (WxDxH)
2. 2000mm x 700mm x 1850mm (WxDxH)
3. 2500mm x 700mm x 1850mm (WxDxH)
4. Custom built solutions available

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  • Selectable temperature and humidity profiles
  • Independant temperature and humidity logging
  • Mobile, flexible design
  • Custom built colutions available to suit testing application
  • Air Flow Alarm ensures operator safety
  • Safe change HEPA Filtration
  • Safe working environment for the handling of active pharmaceutical drug substances
  • Energy saving – no external HVAC control required
  • Temperature range: 15 degrees C to 35 degrees C (+/-1 degree)
  • Humidity range: 15%RH to 90%RH (+/-3%)
  • Independant logging measurement

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