Asynt Chromatography Pump

The Asynt Chromatography Pump is a simple solvent pump that allows the chemist to perform Flash Chromatography with any standard column.

Magnetically driven, precision-geared pump heads provide smooth, accurate and pulseless fluid delivery. Chemical resistant materials in the pump heads (stainless steel with graphite gears) handle a wide range of materials. These hardy pump heads are compact and easy to service and the modular design offers flexibility allowing you to configure to your specific needs.

Choose from two useful options to suit your chemistry

The Chromatography Pump is available in both analogue and digital models.

  • Analogue: simple, variable speed controls flow, with remote control of start/stop via DB9 connector on back of drive.
  • Digital: achieve high pressure and accurate, pulseless flow. Features an intuitive 5” TFT touch-screen interface for setting configurable modes: Continuous run, volume dispense, and time dispense. Benefits include:
    – Batch control and interval/off time in Volume and Time modes
    – Pump lets you save and retrieve commonly used dispense programs for rapid set up
    – Speed ramping available in Volume dispense mode – ensures accuracy and minimize sample loss

Please do contact us to discuss your requirements so we can ascertain the most suitable model to suit your needs.

All pumps come complete with Analogue or Digital drive, with the following gear pump head.
Pump head:
  • Flow rate: 4.2 – 420 mL/min
  • Differential Pressure (bar):  2.8
  • Maximum viscosity: 100 cP
  • Seal Material:  PTFE  Body material:  316 S/S  Gear Material:  Carbon graphite
Simple variable speed control handles many fluid handling applications
  • 100:1 speed-control range controls flow over a wide range
  • Maximum continuous-duty flow rates possible with Micropump® A-mount pump heads
  • Simple operation with single-turn speed control
  • Separate power switch enables you to maintain speed setting when turning drive on/off; front-panel LED indicates power on
  • Remote control of start/stop via DB9 connector on back of drive
Achieve high pressure and accurate, pulseless flow — with an intuitive touch-screen interface
  • Compact, benchtop pumps optimize ease of use, accuracy, and reliability
  • Compatible with Micropump pump heads
  • 5” (12.7 cm) capacitive TFT/RGB touch screen for crisp resolution and a wide viewing angle
  • Flexible operational control via screen, MasterflexLive, or analog remote control

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