The GP2A Medicinal Chemistry Conference 2021

Date: August 25, 2021 - August 27, 2021

GP2A Medicinal Chemistry Conference 2021

29th Annual GP2A MedChem Conference 2021

The annual GP2A Medicinal Chemistry Conference 2021 will take place as a fully virtual event this year.  With a great line up of speakers, poster presentations and the opportunity for oral presentations for PhD students and postdoctoral researchers there’s something for everyone.

Confirmed speakers at GP2A this year

  • Dr. Robin S. Bon, University of Leeds, UK
    Understanding potent small-molecule modulation of TRPC1/4/5 channels
  • Prof. Mélanie Ethève-Quelquejeu, Université de Paris, France
    Chemical approaches for the study and inhibition of bacterial L,D-Transpeptidase
  • Dr. Romain Ferru-Clément, University of La Rochelle, France
    Comprehensive untargeted serum lipidomics identified candidate biomarkers in Crohn’s Disease – Why medicinal chemistry is required to go further?
  • Dr. Marion Flipo, University of Lille, France
    Fragment-based approaches to inhibit Mycobacterium tuberculosis targets
  • Dr. Gilles Gasser, Chimie ParisTech, PSL University, Paris, France
    Metal Complexes in Medicinal Chemistry
  • Prof. Rui Moreira, University of Lisbon, Portugal
    From activity-based protein profiling to the optimization of covalent inhibitors targeting dipeptidyl peptidases 
  • Prof. Vittorio Pace, University of Turin, Italy
    Designing New Synthetic Concepts for Imparting Molecular Complexity with C-1 Sources
  • Prof. Sébastien Papot, University of Poitiers, France
    Programming molecules for therapeutic applications
  • Prof. Angela Russell, University of Oxford, UK
    Discovery of small molecules to manipulate cell fate in vivo: towards new therapies for degenerative diseases
  • Dr. Caroline West, University of Orléans, France
    From impurity profiling to purified metabolites: Drug discovery supported by analytical and preparative supercritical fluid chromatography
  • Prof. Catalin Zaharia, Polytechnic University of Bucharest, Romania
    Drug-loaded polymeric systems as a promising tool for cancer management

GP2A Medicinal Chemistry Conference 2021 is FREE to attend – but you must register soon!

You can register to attend the event for free:—18734

Find more details about the abstract submission via the event website here:

Please note: registration for submissions closed 30th June 2021.

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Asynt sponsors the GP2A Medicinal Chemistry Conference

We are pleased to confirm that Asynt is sponsoring this exciting event, and our own chemists, Dr Kerry and Dr Mike, will be on hand throughout to offer their assistance and expertise.

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GP2A Medicinal Chemistry Conference 2021