Chemical Biology meets Drug Discovery 2022 meeting

Date: September 12, 2022 - September 13, 2022

Chemical Biology meets Drug Discovery 2022 meeting

The Chemical Biology meets Drug Discovery 2022 meeting aims to connect scientists from academia and industry working on the application of chemical biology tools and techniques to drug discovery in the broadest sense.

The event is taking place at the Francis Crick Institute, a flagship in biomedical research, and will feature exciting talks, posters and networking sessions unifying the chemical biology/drug discovery community with applications in biomedicine.

The speakers will be attending the event and delivering their presentations in person, unless otherwise stated below. Attendees will have the opportunity to showcase their work through a poster session and selected oral presentations. Abstracts are invited via their downloadable template file

The organisers of the Chemical Biology meets Drug Discovery 2022 meeting are committed to promote the accessibility of science and will therefore hold the conference in a hybrid format.

This meeting is jointly organised by the Chemical Biology and Bio-Organic group of the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Francis Crick Institute.

Early-bird registration costs:
£65 for RSC student member, £85 for student non-member
£110 for RSC member, £130 for non-member

Standard registration costs:
£75 for RSC student member, £95 for student non-member
£120 for RSC member, £140 for non-member

Online-only registration costs: £15

For further details contact Dr Ben Schumann ([email protected]).

We’ll be there – will you?

Dr Arran Solomonsz is attending this event on behalf of Asynt, and will have a range of our safe and sustainable laboratory tools on display.  Leading the way since the launch of the DrySyn, oil-free laboratory heating block platform in 2003, Asynt also offer a recently-extended range of CondenSyn waterless air condensers suitable for reflux or distillation that will improve your lab’s environmental footprint and make the lab a safer place to work.

clamp 3 flasks in parallel with DrySyn MULTI clamps

Other ranges include the fReactor benchtop Flow Chemistry platform that’s opening up this field of work to every lab, and the Illumin8 parallel benchtop Photoreactor.

For more information on the tools you’ll be able to see up close at the even please do contact Arran before hand or join him there and say hello!