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Asyntise your lab - Commercialise your solutions

“Asyntise” is where we work closely with scientists to create exciting new products which meet a previously unfulfilled requirement.  In situations where these requirements could appeal to more people, we can work with you to produce a commercially-viable finished product that is ready to launch to the mass market.

Examples of just some of our collaborations where we now have successful products include:

Working together:

Many of our developments are focused in the research chemistry sector with our work backed by a team of scientists and engineers with many years of knowledge and experience in a range of fields.

With the resources and expertise available to Asynt, we can “Asyntise” your requirements, putting novel new tools through rigorous testing to ensure safe and effective solutions.

Commercialise Your Ideas - Working Together with Asynt

Other projects brought to market include

Accessible New Synthetic Compound Library

Industry & academia combine to support synthesis of squaric acid monoamides as building blocks for drug discovery

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DrySyn OCTO Reaction Station

The DrySyn OCTO 8 Position Reaction Station allows powerful magnetic stirring and heating, inert atmosphere and reflux, all with a tiny footprint

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A new tool developed by the University of Nottingham to allow a standard rotary evaporator to be utilised as a thin film photo reactor.

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DrySyn Spiral Evaporator

Novel evaporation tool A joint development between Asynt and BioChromato (Japan) to allow the unique Spiral Plug technology for evaporation to be utilised with DrySyn heating blocks

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