And so this is spring. Or is it?

It feels apt that on the hottest day of the year thus far (by my own definition of having to use the AC in my car for the first time) that I muse about the ushering in of the new season. Evidenced by the weather, spring is clearly well and truly here, and, meteorologically speaking I’m correct in saying that too. However, astronomically, spring only commences on 20th March 2015, a date calculated based on the earth’s orbit around the sun. Either way, it feels like spring! Long gone is the snow, ‘evaporating’ away and leaving lush green grasses, in it’s prime now in preparation for the baking summer sun. Yes, I’m an eternal optimist!

Speaking of evaporation, it’s spring time at Asynt, where we are developing evaporation technologies. Watch this space for a new product launch later in the year, but first, we will demonstrate a nifty little feature enabling continuous use of your humble rotary evaporator.