Little to Large

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Asyntise your lab - Little to Large

We understand that it is often necessary to begin tests on a small scale, sometimes in a parallel or a continuous flow environment, then scale-up once initial results are evaluated.  We can work with you to provide solutions on a benchtop or pilot criteria, and often design flexible solutions that can grow with the scale of your reactions.

As your needs grow

Our wide range of knowledge, skills and experience gives us the means to create solutions suitable for all sizes from benchtop through to pilot scale, with projects completed in many different research areas and environments including:

  • Heating and cooling via custom DrySyn aluminium heating blocks
  • Heating and cooling via recirculating thermoregulatory systems
  • Glass reactors from 100ml to greater than 30L
  • Single and parallel high pressure vessels from -20ml to 50L+
  • Continuous flow reactors

Some examples of previous projects

Dual Size Reactor System

Developed for a small private UK pharmaceuticals company.

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