FlowSyn Auto-LF Continuous Flow Reactor

Harness the power of Flow Chemistry to deliver more compounds, faster!  FlowSyn Automated Loop Filling (FlowSyn Auto-LF Continuous Flow Reactor) is a powerful and highly efficient module for running multiple experiments with multiple reagent inputs under different sets of conditions.

The clever simultaneous loop filling and fraction collection saves valuable time, while the integrated wash steps prevent cross-contamination. Interactive displays of pressure and temperature on PC allow real-time reaction monitoring as well as data logging.

Leasing Options: Through our leasing partner, LDF Finance it is now possible to lease or rent to buy a FlowSyn Auto-LF Continuous Flow Reactor.

There are real advantages to companies in leasing due to the way VAT is handled on the balance sheet. Terms are typically between 2 and 4 years. Longer term rental is also now possible and at the end of the lease or rental period there is the option to buy.

Get in touch with us to discuss the advantages.

  • Run multiple experiments with multiple reagent inputs
  • Powerful intuitive PC interface for real time reaction monitoring and data logging
  • Efficiently loads and collects reactions simultaneously
  • Fully integrated robust wash protocols minimise risk of cross-contamination
  • Stacked small format XYZ Sampler/Fraction Collector minimises valuable fume cupboard space
  • Choose from 2 or 4 channel system configurations

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