FlowSyn 10ml stainless steel coil

FlowSyn’s electronically controlled coil reactor heats up rapidly and retains a uniform temperature throughout the whole reaction, guaranteeing reproducibility of results.

FlowSyn coil reactors are specially designed to allow you to rapidly switch between different sizes and materials for different reactions. Choose smaller volume coils (1mm id) for small scale reactions, and larger scale reactors (1.6mm id) for scale up experiments or longer residence times. For optimum mixing and temperature control, combine with a FlowSyn mixer block for reagent pre-heating and pre-mixing.

  • Specifically designed for fast heat-up and temperature control
  • Wide range of coil reactors in different sizes and materials for mg to kg reactions
  • Choose from PTFE, PFA, stainless steel and Hastelloy® for maximum chemical compatibility
  • Excellent reaction visibility in perfluoropolymer coil reactors
  • Easily re-wind the tubing in the event of a blockage
  • Glass insulated cover for optimal temperature control and safety

Part number: UQ-2303 for 10ml stainless steel

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