Engineered Metals & Alloys

It’s essential that you use apparatus manufactured from a material that’s appropriate for your chemistry so choosing the correct engineered metals & alloys are imperative.

Whether that means higher chemical resistance, a particular temperature range, or something else – we can use our extensive knowledge and expertise in engineered metals and alloys to provide the right material structure.

Our in-house engineering team can advise you on this, and build your solution accordingly.  It may be that just one component of a pressure vessel, for example, should be made from Inconel in order to facilitate your reactions so we’ll always take your budget requirements in to account as well as your chemistry.

Detailed drawings of any custom apparatus can be supplied prior to manufacture so you have complete confidence that your needs will be met.

Choose from a wide range of build materials to ensure your apparatus is suitable for your chemistry.

Metal and alloy options include Stainless Steel 316, Hastelloy and Inconel.

Please contact us to discuss your system requirements.

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Martyn Fordham, MD

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