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Asynt June 2023 Newsletter

Asynt June 2023 Newsletter

Posted on: June 21, 2023

All the best tips for summer in the lab – maximise your recirculating cooler, handle those sub-ambient reactions, and make ice cream in a bag with the kids!

portable liquid nitrogen generators enable easy access for scientists in any field

Why would I need a liquid nitrogen generator?

Posted on: June 15, 2023

There are a huge range of uses for liquid nitrogen that can be considered. The Asynt LN generators are available in a wide range of capacities so we can suit your needs perfectly no matter what level of supply is required!

cocrystallisation studies

A Brief Overview of Co-Crystallisation

Posted on: June 14, 2023

Co-crystallisation is a fascinating process wherein two or more different molecules are combined to create a new crystalline structure.

DrySyn in teaching labs

The Benefits of Having Heating Blocks in Your Teaching Lab

Posted on: June 2, 2023

Heating blocks are invaluable in a wide range of research applications, as they provide consistent and uniform heating for small vessels such as microcentrifuge tubes, test tubes and vials as well as round bottom flasks.

CondenSyn Evaluation: Dr Graeme McAllister, University of York

Posted on: June 2, 2023

Dr Graeme McAllister, Experimental Officer at the University of York offers an evaluation of the Asynt CondenSyn waterless air condenser after trials with a THF drying still (b.p. 66 °C), equipped with a 1 L main flask and ~250 mL collection head.

Asynt May 2023 Newsletter

Asynt May 2023 Newsletter

Posted on: May 15, 2023

It’s been an incredibly busy month here which means we have plenty to update you on.  Welcome to the Asynt May 2023 Newsletter! If there’s something you’d like to see

CHEMUK 2023 review

CHEMUK 2023 Review

Posted on: May 15, 2023

A fabulous, energetic event with chemists visiting from all over the world -here is our CHEMUK 2023 review with all the best bits from the exhibition!