World Water Week 2021: get involved

Date: August 23, 2021 - August 27, 2021

World Water Week 2021

World Water Week 2021 is taking place from 23rd to 27th August.  Billed as the world’s leading conference on global water issues, if you’re ready to take action to solve the urgent threats facing societies across the globe, this is the place.

Water-smart laboratory tools and practices are something that we at Asynt are passionate about.  It’s essential that we all play our part in protecting the environment, and work in the safest way possible.

sustainable laboratory tools from Asynt UK

So what is World Water Week 2021 about?

This online event is a week full of material and speakers that enable you to explore environmental issues that you’re passionate about.  You can collaborate on actionable solutions and meet others who share our commitment to change.

The organisers have shared a short video to give you an idea of what’s planned and how you can make the most of the event:

There are scheduled sessions set out, but by registering to attend World Water Week 2021 you can organise your own schedule and ensure you don’t miss anything.  There are passes available (at a cost) to enable your account to network directly with other attendees and speakers.

You can see who’s talking about this exciting event via the “Social Wall” on the event website here:

If you’re interested in sustainable solutions for your laboratory then we would be so pleased to hear from you!  We can offer advice and guide you towards effective apparatus that reduce your water consumption levels dramatically, and reduce flood risks whilst saving you some cash – one simple example would be swapping out a traditional Leibig water condenser for a waterless air condenser.

With just one water condenser you could be pouring 180 L water down the drain every sixty seconds or 10,800 L in an hour – that’s roughly 130 baths worth of water.

World Water Week 2021 frog in the bath

That’s a significant volume of water wastage, particularly when you think how many condensers you see running for several hours during the day, or even left to run for an overnight reaction.  Instead, pop a CondenSyn waterless air condenser in to your set up – in single or parallel format, and see how much water you can save!

prevent water waste and floods in your lab - chemistry air condensers CondenSyn are water-free!We urge you to use World Water Week to consider your lab practices and see how you could update them for the sake of our environment, and for your pocket!  Get in touch with our chemists to talk about the solutions now readily available or share how effective you’ve found our waterless condensers or recirculating coolers?

We look forward to bumping in to you at one of the scheduled #WWWeek sessions.  Register now via