Unlocking Photochemistry in Flow Webinar

Date: July 20, 2021

unlocking photochemistry in flow webinar

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We are pleased to announce that Prof. Nikil Kapur and Prof. Steve Marsden of the Institute for Process Research & Development at the University of Leeds will be joining Asynt to present a new online event; Unlocking Photochemistry in Flow Webinar.

What is the fReactor Flow Chemistry platform?

The first fReactor Classic modules were built by Nik in his cellar. Researchers in the Institute for Process Research and Development at the University of Leeds, UK, under fellow lead, Prof. John Blacker’s direction, loved, cracked and dissolved these in equal measures!  Careful re-engineering has created the fReactor Classic of today: intuitive and robust and in daily use in their labs.

fReactor flow chemistry platform accessible to all chemists from Asynt UK

Already available in a variety of sizes and manufactured from different materials to suit your chemistry, we are now launching a model that is ideal for Photochemistry in Flow.

When is the Photochemistry in Flow webinar?

Join us for the 1 hour Unlocking Photochemistry in Flow Webinar on Tuesday 20th July 2021 from 10:00AM (GMT) to find out how this could be a useful addition to your laboratory.

I want to attend – How do I register?

Book your place at this now by following the link below and completing the very short registration form there.  You’ll then receive your joining information by email to your confirmed address. We look forward to seeing you there!

Register here: https://www.asynt.com/register/photochemistry-in-flow/