RSC Twitter Poster Conference 2022

Date: March 1, 2022 - March 2, 2022

RSC 2022 Twitter Poster conferenceWe are proud to announce that Asynt is the official sponsor for the RSC Twitter Poster Conference 2022!

This unique global event is held entirely online over the course of 24 hours and brings together the worldwide chemistry community to network with colleagues all around the world and at every career stage, share their research and engage in scientific debate.

Having been a keen supporter of this amazing event for many years we have witnessed first hand how successful it is at bringing the community together.  If you’ve not previously entered why not get involved this year?

Why enter the RSC 2022 Twitter Poster Conference?

There are loads of reasons why it’s a great idea to enter but here are just a few:

  • it’s completely free of charge to enter
  • you can join from anywhere you have access to your Twitter account
  • you can meet researchers from all over the world who may be at any stage in their career
  • attend for as long as you like – there’s no rules for how long you need attend if registered
  • there are cash and community prizes for the best posters as judged by the RSC Committees
  • there’s a community prize for the best #RSCPosterPitch as selected by the RSC General Committee
  • there’s great potential to get your poster seen on a global scale

The #RSCPoster subject categories:

The RSC are introducing a new “#RSCDigital” category for 2022, covering all aspects of digital chemistry.

  • Analytical #RSCAnalytical
  • Chemical Biology #RSCChemBio
  • Catalysis #RSCCat
  • Digital chemistry #RSCDigital
  • Education #RSCEdu
  • Energy #RSCEnergy
  • Environmental #RSCEnv
  • Inorganic #RSCInorg
  • Materials #RSCMat
  • Nanoscience #RSCNano
  • Organic #RSCOrg
  • Physical #RSCPhys
  • Engineering #RSCEng

We’ll be talking about you too…

As sponsors of the event, we’ll be attending and will be retweeting anything we find exciting via the Asynt Twitter feed.

We will also be running a review of the event afterwards and will be sharing news of the winners via our newsletter/website/social media channels with the potential for a guest blog opportunity.

For more information:

Click through to the event website here: and don’t forget to follow the RSC on Twitter.  If there’s anything we can help you with then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Good luck!