27th SCI Annual Review Meeting

Date: December 2, 2020

Taking place in London, UK, the 27th Annual Review Meeting “Hot Topics in Organic Chemistry”, organised by SCI’s Young Chemists’ Panel, will address key areas of contemporary synthetic organic chemistry. An exciting line-up of leading early career academics will deliver a series of review lectures covering a range of topics, including whole organism biocatalysis, autonomous molecular motors, mechanisms of copper catalysis, and computational organic chemistry. The meeting will deliver a comprehensive overview of the material, highlight new methods and introduce (potential) industrial application. The review lectures will be supported by two plenary speakers: Prof. John Blacker from the University of Leeds and Prof. Matthew Gaunt from the University of Cambridge.

You can find out further details, including the full programme, via the website here: https://www.soci.org/events/27th-sci-annual-review-meeting.

Join Dr Arran Solomonsz here and take the opportunity for a closer look at our innovative and environmentally laboratory tools, and discuss how we might be able to make your lab life easier!