Team Asynt: on the move, and expanding!

Our growing team is hugely energetic and constantly on the move – whether out and about meeting with our lovely customers, or searching out the brightest new products to improve working life in your laboratory.  We have a few exciting exhibitions coming up where you might like to take the opportunity to get a closer look at our latest products and ask the team how they might suit your needs:

  • Dr Kerry Elgie will be joining our distribution partners, Ninolab (from Sweden and from Denmark) from 11-14th June 2019 at the 2nd RSC Anglo-Nordic MedChem – Borupgaard, Denmark:
  • Dr Kerry Elgie will be with the team from Uniqsis (flow chemistry specialist) at the Dial-a-Molecule Annual Meeting 2019 which is taking place in York from 3rd to 4th July:
  • Dr Mike Kenny will be at the Bolland Symposium in Bath, UK, on the 19th June
    The Bolland Symposium is a full day showcase of all the research conducted in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Bath. Featuring over 30 student and academic talks, over 60 posters, a plenary from Prof Andrea Sella and sponsorship from close industrial partners of the department, this full day event promises to be an exciting and academically stimulating symposium.
  • Mike is also exhibiting at the Enabling Technologies for Synthesis conference in Cardiff on the 28th June:

Team expansion:

We would like to introduce Aaron Clifford who recently joined our Admin team as Assistant Administrator as a new permanent employee.  Aaron works as part of the team that processes your orders and co-ordinates shipping so you may have already received an email from him if you’ve recently placed an order with Asynt.  Aaron has a bit of a passion for cars (a family trait, we understand!) and has amazing super-human powers at resisting the office stash of sweet treats.  Petal, the company Springer Spaniel, has developed a soft spot for him even though he doesn’t often have treats handy on his desk (typically this is Petal’s usual demand) which can only be a very good sign!  We hope that you will join us in welcoming Aaron to the team!

And finally, we are both very sad and incredibly excited to announce that Hannah Drake, our wonderful Senior Administrator, will be leaving us – albeit only temporarily – as of Friday 14th June to go on maternity leave.  We would all like to take this opportunity to sincerely wish Hannah and her lovely family all the very best at this auspicious time and remind her that we can’t wait to meet our very first official Asynt baby!