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Asynt have a dedicated team to support scientists in the USA & Canada.  In addition, we have a highly esteemed network of distribution partners in your area.

The Asynt chemists work with an incredible team of specialists to bring the latest technology to your lab and provide innovative & environmentally aware solutions that work the way that YOU want them to.
You may find it useful to review some of our case studies or read about what scientists like you think of our unique and effective laboratory tools in our evaluations area.

Asynt Ltd:  Established 2003.  All products designed & manufactured in the UK.

Key product ranges include: 

  • DrySyn®oil-free laboratory heating & cooling block system for round bottom flasks, tubes and vials
  • CondenSyn®: waterless reflux condensers to suit every scale
  • fReactor: modular benchtop flow chemistry for every lab
  • LightSyn: safe & reproducible photochemistry tools for parallel, batch, or photochemistry in Flow Chemistry reactions
  • Pressure:  single & multi position pressure reactors
  • ReactoMatecontrolled jacketed glass lab reactors
DrySyn Classic and DrySyn MULTI oil-free heating block system laboratory equipment from Asynt CondenSyn waterless air condensers from Asynt lab equipment experts worldwide fReactor Photo Flow - unlocking the power of photochemistry in Flow Chemistry with Asynt
laboratory photoreactors from Asynt laboratory high pressure reactors single position pressure reactors multi position pressure reactors - Asynt UK ReactoMate jacketed lab reactors from Asynt

Talk with people who understand your needs

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You’re welcome to contact our technical support team via email at [email protected], talk with us via the LIVE CHAT box at the bottom right of your screen, or complete the short form at the bottom of this page.

You can find further details about your local Asynt USA distribution partner HERE and Canadian distribution partner HERE.

Dr Arran SolomonszDr Arran Solomonsz
East USA, & Canada Technical & Sales Support

Arran achieved his doctorate in chemical nanocatalysis in 2014.  He is always keen to provide customers with the latest in safe, clean and green technologies from Asynt and enjoys the diversity of projects from R&D to pilot and beyond. Arran is also in regular contact with our key suppliers to ensure we can offer our customers the best advice and overall service.

Antony WozniakAntony Wozniak
West USA Technical & Sales Support

Antony achieved his master of chemistry in 2013. With his background in product management combined with his experience in business development roles, Antony found his passion in identifying sustainable solutions for his customers, whilst keeping an eye out for new technologies and innovations.

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