DrySyn OCTO Reaction Stations

The DrySyn OCTO reaction station allows powerful magnetic stirring, heating, controlled atmosphere and reflux, all with a tiny footprint.
Ideal for working volumes of 1 – 10 mL, the DrySyn Octo has been designed to improve efficiency when carrying out parallel synthesis.

  • DrySyn OCTO parallel reaction station from Asynt

    DrySyn OCTO Reaction Station

    8 Position refluxing & inerting manifold

  • DrySyn OCTO PLUS on MULTI-M Base with Asynt hotplate kit

    DrySyn OCTO-PLUS Reaction Station

    3 x 8 Position refluxing & inerting manifolds

  • DrySyn OCTO Mini

    Simple sampling with disposable needles

  • DrySyn OCTO MINI Conversion Kit from Asynt

    DrySyn OCTO Mini Conversion Kit

    Simple sampling with disposable needles