Grab a Black Friday bargain!

It’s officially Black Friday and we’re here to help you grab a bargain for your laboratory!

In recent years we have established a popular tradition for Black Friday; in addition to the show-stopping special offers below, we give you the chance to choose your own deals!

Our team is poised, today, Friday 27th November from 9am, to take your calls and emails, and even chat face to face online.  Just tell us what you want and what you’d like to pay – we’ll say yes if we can, or we’ll give you our best counter-offer on that particular apparatus. Simple!

Contact our technical sales team via email on or via telephone on +44 (0)1638 781709.  You can also instantly book an online one-2-one meeting via this page here:

Don’t forget that all the latest technology is included in this huge opportunity – nothing is off limits!  

So here are a few spectacular deals to start you off:

Asynt laboratory black friday 2020 offers DrySyn oil free heating block system Asynt laboratory black friday 2020 offers CondenSyn waterless air condensers Asynt laboratory black Friday 2020 offers DrySyn OCTO 8 position parallel reaction station
Asynt laboratory black friday 2020 offers Spiral Evaporator Asynt laboratory black friday 2020 offers complete magnetic hotplate stirrer kit with electronic control thermometer Asynt laboratory black friday 2020 offers rotary evaporator chiller and pump package

We are happy to provide a formal quotation, and for any unique offer agreed you’ll be given a special reference number to confirm your personalised Black Friday Bargain. We understand that it can take a little while to get purchase authorisation confirmed and formal orders placed so we’re giving you until 5pm GMT on Friday 4th December 2020 to get your orders to us at

After this date prices will revert back to normal so please make sure you receive confirmation from us of any order placed.  If you haven’t heard from us within 2 working days please do contact us to check we’ve received your order.

Here we go!