Lennox is an Irish company that specialises in supplying scientific, industrial and laboratory goods into a market that demands consistently high standards of quality and reliability, as well as the ability to be agile in the face of changing requirements. Our key focus is to work in partnership with our customers to understand their current and emerging needs and to provide solutions that facilitate optimum efficiency and innovation in their business. We are leaders in our industry, both in size and reputation, with a heritage that goes back to 1923 when our company was first established.

Our customer base includes the Pharma, Bioprocessing, Food and Beverage, Medical Devices, Life science, Healthcare and Education sectors – and this continues to diversify with scientific and technological advancement.

John McGovern
Our vision is to be consistently regarded as a best in class supply partner, in relationships developed through trust, reliance and collaboration.

John McGovern, Equipment Specialist

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