WMD Policy

Asynt Weapons of Mass Destruction Public Policy

The proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and missiles for their delivery pose a very serious threat to global stability. A wide range of industrial items and materials can assist WMD programmes. The most critical items appear on the UK Strategic Export Control Lists, which specify goods that are ‘controlled’ for export purposes. However, there are also many less sensitive items which may be licensable if used in a WMD program.

The UK government has the power to make such items licensable on a one-off basis when they might be used for ‘WMD purposes’. These powers are controlled by the End-Use Control in the Export Control Order 2008. This is a one of two ‘catch-all’ controls, which licenses items not formally specified on the Control Lists, the other being the Military End Use Control.

Asynt Ltd monitors all orders and quotation requests for potential risks relating to WMD as the nature of the industry that we work within means that we do supply equipment which could be put to use for detrimental effect. Therefore we must be vigilant and encourage all those who buy from Asynt either as a direct customer/end user or as a company that distributes apparatus that is purchased from Asynt to follow this same level of attention at all times. You should include reselling any equipment you already own in this vigilance and take a duty of care as to whom/where the end user may be. We ask you to co-operate with any requests for information relating to the final location of goods you are purchasing, and where applicable, the end user and their intended application. We reserve the right to refuse to supply goods if required information is withheld.

You should also remember that if you know – or have grounds for suspecting – an intended WMD end-use, you are legally obliged to notify the ECO.

If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact Martyn Fordham (Managing Director) or Kirsty Waight (Operations Manager) via sales@asynt.com or Tel: 00 44 (0)1638 781709.